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Sept. 22, 2022

Ep. 103: Jack the Ripper, Pt. 4 - The Conspiracy Theories

Ep. 103: Jack the Ripper, Pt. 4 - The Conspiracy Theories
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It's the thrilling conclusion to our monthlong Jack The Ripper series!

Last week, Carrie presented some of the likeliest and best-known suspects put forth for the Ripper crimes, from Mary Kelly's jilted ex-lover to a parade of shabby, misogynist psychotics. This week, Sean makes the case for some of the more... colorful theories, from "Jill the Ripper" to a vast royal conspiracy to...H.H. Holmes?

Hundreds of people have been implicated in the Ripper murders over the past 130-plus years, and it's likely we'll never know which, if any, of them was responsible. But the stories that have been concocted in trying to fill the holes are absolutely ludicrous enough to be worth your time.


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