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My new favorite podcast

Lifetime resident of Fairfield County. Love hearing the stories. So glad you did the Bra Murders. Keep it up the great stories!

My new favorite!!

Found this podcast a week ago while searching for Jack The Ripper. Listened to that series & have been binging & am now 38 episodes in. Love this show!!

Very Enjoyable!

I love this podcast. It’s very entertaining and informative and it’s from my home state. Keep doing what you are doing!

Great Stuff for long car trips

Listening to various episodes made our Florida to CT. trip much more enjoyable. We need more input from Poe, though.

Amityville Horror Parts 1-2

Entertaining and informative!

Amityville Horror Parts 1-2

Entertaining and informative!

Scary and fun and a ton of personality!

The best podcasts are scary and fun and have a ton of personality! Just like Aint It Scary!

Fun, entertaining and properly researched

Covers unique topics, always great banter between Carrie and Sean, well researched and entertaining! One of the better paranormal podcasts I have heard and subscribe to


Such an amazing show! Love listening to the banter and learning new things as well!

Excellent topics, great humor

Such a good listen! I am always interested to see what Sean and Carrie will cover. And whatever topic they choose, they really do it justice and deliver a lot of good info. All the while, they both have a great sense of humor, making for a really fun podcast.

Daily walks are more enjoyable with this podcast

Thanks Sean and Carrie for Ain’t it Scary. I have found the stories informative, fun and your style of delivery entertaining. My walks always go faster with you - as did the 4 hour drive through line for our first Covid vaccination. I highly recommend this podcast to all who would like to learn more about the bizarre and spooky.

Scary… and immensely entertaining!

I’ve been listening for a couple of months now, and I enjoy this podcast immensely! The titular Sean and Carrie research their material thoroughly, and they deliver it in a clear, engaging way. Sean’s skeptical stance is an effective counterpoint to Carrie’s more open-minded approach, and they present their material with an appropriate balance of humor and respect. I appreciate the wide variety of topics they tackle, and often find myself laughing (out loud, even) while listening. Five stars for sure – I recommend this with enthusiasm (and just a little trepidation)!

Love their dynamic

Really enjoy these hosts, their dynamic sparks and sustains interest with the spooky stories they tell and explore

Amazing Chemistry and Amazing Show!

These two have such amazing chemistry! The love they have for the paranormal and each other is so evident in their craft. I’m subscribed and you should be too!

Great show for paranormal junkies

The topics are wide ranging, well researched and beautifully delivered - the Diana death conspiracy episodes made me an instant fan

Such a good podcast

This podcast legit blows my mind. It’s the perfect mix of funny, educational, and creepy - amazing job Carrie and Sean! I look forward to this podcast every single week, and they crush it every time. Can’t recommend enough!

Better researched campfire stories with friends

Listening to Sean and Carrie explore, question, and debunk spooky stories is like hanging around with friends around a campfire. I don’t have a stomach for gruesome so I skip the true crime episodes, but I love the supernatural, historically bizarre, and even alien stories. I’ve learned so much! They clearly have chemistry on mic and off too, which is fun to hear. Looking forward to more spooky stories!

Very Titular Show

I really enjoy this show! As a skeptic, it can be hard to find shows that don’t force in their religious views on ghosts or conspiracy theories on aliens. These guys leave it all up to you, and bring a fair amount of critical thinking to bear on each topic. I haven’t listened to any of the true crime episodes as I’m not into that, but I love the paranormal episodes!

Perfect Balance

I don't really listen to a lot of podcasts but I find myself tuning in every week to Ain't it Scary. Carrie and Sean really have a good thing going with their different perspectives on things and challenging each other's ideas. There is always an interesting story and the content ranges from things I've heard about and know things about to stories I've never heard and get to learn about! Their two styles of podcasting complement each other and keep the stories moving along and interesting. Love listening every week!

Like a party in my ear holes

Interesting stories! Witty banter! I’ve listened to last podcast on the left and they got a little too dense and rambling over time. I’ve listened to my favorite murder and they tended to be hit or miss. This podcast is tight and entertaining without being too long-winded. It’s like an informative conversation with two new friends. 5 out of 5 rating units.

This podcast rocks!

I generally do not consider myself a podcast person, but this podcast is awesome. It’s funny, interesting, genuinely educational, and moves at the perfect pace. Carrie and Sean manage to make their new podcast feel like its coming from well-seasoned pros. Highly recommend if you are a spooky buff or a history buff!

Outta this World

This podcast not only keeps the spookiness of the Halloween season we all love going on throughout the whole year, but it also provides an added boost of laughter throughout your day. Whether it be local Urban Myths, or nationwide mysteries this adorably witty duo offers a broad spectrum of reasoning and facts!! Definitely recommended this creepy(and cute) podcast to my friends—old and new!


Love each of their takes per episode and the amount of knowledge they share with the audience. I feel like I tend to side with Sean on wanting to question it all, but I absolutely love the back and forth and chemistry between the two of them. HIGHLY recommend adding this to your subscription list!


Charming and witty, this husband and wife duo do an excellent job bringing all things strange and unusual to the forefront and picking it apart. Say hello to the best new true crime/scary story/supernatural pod of 2020!

very well done!

I look forward each week to taking a deep dive into a new mystery, and hearing Sean and Carrie's thoughts and theories. It's a great escape from this hell-ish year, and definitely worth a listen!

The Dollop Meets Lore, in the best way!

Well-researched while never feeling clinical, with humor that’s always fresh and never forced!

Look forward to it every week

I genuinely learn something new every week and I enjoy the host’s light-hearted humor. Highly recommend the DB Cooper episode.