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Longboi Media

Longboi Media - named after our very own long boi, Poe - is all about unique, creative media art made for and by unique, creative people. We’ve started with podcasts and tabletop gaming concepts…but intend to grow into something even bigger. No matter what, we keep the same philosophy informed by our dachshund mascot: stay scrappy, stay ready, and do all things with love.


Shows & More

Ain't it Scary? with Sean & Carrie

Once upon a time, a skeptic met a believer…and then they fell in love.

She thinks ghosts are real. He thinks everything has a logical explanation. Together, they bring their different perspectives to stories of the unexplained, unbelievable, unsolved, and just plain weird.

From the supernatural to aliens to true crime and more, join Sean & Carrie as they take the road less travelled throughout time, and explore all things spooky, strange, and…well…scary!


Unloaded Questions

He loves to talk. She hates to listen. 

Together they explore the hypothetical, the theoretical, and the burning questions no one’s thought to ask. 

Have you ever thought about if having hands for feet would be a net benefit to your life? Maybe what Pokemon would make the best Olympian? Well Nick and Tara have considered these questions and they’ve decided to stop just talking at each other and start talking at you! 

Nick’s unbridled enthusiasm for nonsense and Tara’s well-reasoned approaches to the completely unreasonable will have you rolling in the aisles, or more accurately, lightly chuckling during your morning commute. 


Longboi Games

Both Sean and Carrie are passionate about games—especially of the tabletop variety—so they’ve come together with other creators to form Longboi Games.

Planned output for Longboi Games includes tabletop RPGs, card games, murder mystery party kits, D&D scenarios, and more!