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Jan. 26, 2023

Ep. 117: Titanic, Pt. 3 - A Deep Ocean of Secrets

Ep. 117: Titanic, Pt. 3 - A Deep Ocean of Secrets

At the end of our series exploring the Titanic tragedy, we "dive" into the immediate aftermath of the sinking - including legal inquiries and lawsuits - the search for the wreck on the bottom of the ocean, and the remaining theories and mysteries still surrounding the Titanic to this day.

Take a seat at the US Senate hearings on the disaster, which ended in changes to maritime regulations and one thoroughly mocked senator; on the deep-sea vehicle Argo, developed by Dr. Robert Ballard to try and discover the final resting place of the doomed ocean liner; and under a tinfoil hat, where we explore possible mummy's curses, murder plots, and a very eerie novelization of the tragic sinking...from nearly 15 years before the ship ever set off on its voyage.


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