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May 26, 2022

Ep. 86: Cursed Jewelry

Ep. 86: Cursed Jewelry
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Among the legends of allegedly cursed objects, stories of cursed jewelry and gemstones reign supreme. There's something mystical about these items, which often fall into the hands of the extremely wealthy, famous, and powerful - from bone-fide royalty to your run-of-the-mill tycoons and socialites.

But can these gaudy possessions really be cursed? We cover the stories of 4 of the most possessed possessions, including:

  • The Delhi Purple Sapphire, which returned to one desperate author's possession even after being thrown into a river
  • The Henry Graves Supercomplication Watch, "the Holy Grail of watches" and harbinger of doom for the man who commissioned it
  • The Black Prince's Ruby, literally plucked off the corpse of royalty to bolster another's crown
  • And the most famous gem in the world, the Hope Diamond, inspiration for the Heart of the Ocean from Titanic and supposedly the most cursed piece of jewelry of all time


Join us for this backstory of bling and decide for yourself whether a pretty rock can ruin your life!


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