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July 7, 2022

Ep. 92: Medical Quackery & Snake Oil Salesmen

Ep. 92: Medical Quackery & Snake Oil Salesmen
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Since the days of antiquity, the human race has been searching for cures for what ails us. From disease to mental illness to sexual dysfunction and more, we've always tried to find the solutions to the things that plague our health.

And, sometimes, those solutions end up being even worse - and could very well even kill us.

This week, we explore stories of quack doctors and snake oil salesman in history, including a Founding Father of America, the creator of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, the inventor of the vibrator and "pelvic massage", the fans of bloodletting and leeching, and the salesmen of tonics and restoratives that included deadly ingredients like mercury, arsenic, antimony, and even opium and cocaine.

After all, nothing's scarier than a miracle cure that proves deadlier than the symptoms themselves!


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