Welcome to the crypt!

Ain't it Scary? Podcast - Ep. 80: Fresno Nightcrawlers

After a long month of axe-murder mayhem, Carrie takes a break from the grim and gory to tell a strange tale about what may be the most adorable cryptids of all time!

The Fresno Nightcrawlers first came on the scene in security camera footage from 2007, when a California homeowner named José checked his tape from the night before only to find one of the strangest pieces of video evidence the world has ever seen.

On the tape was 2 creatures, which almost resembled sentient pants with a head, walking across his backyard in the dead of night. José had never seen anything like it before...and he never would again. However, a couple more video clips have turned up in the years after the footage became public that suggest these strange creatures may not be a singular incident.

Are they cryptids? Aliens? Hoaxers on stilts? We try and get to the bottom of the strangeness...or, at the very least, just enjoy the video of these whimsical lil' weirdos.


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